The Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga is a multiagency body of the Department of Public Security under the direction of the Chief of PoliceDirector General of Public Security. It implements the guidelines issued by the Minister of the Interior in the areas of coordination of law enforcement agencies, planning and management of the law enforcement services with the aim of  preventing and combating illicit traffic in drugs and psychotropic substances. The organization of the Direzione Centrale is regulated by the Interministerial Decree of 15 June 1991. Its staff is composed of an equal number of law enforcement officers from the State Police, the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza as well as civilian personnel of the Ministry of the Interior.  The Director is a top-ranking officer from one of  the three Italian law enforcement agencies and changes every three years on a rotation basis. In particular, the Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga, coordinates the info-operational activities of the law enforcement agencies involved in the fight against national and international drug trafficking, promoting new strategies and agreements with foreign counterparts through the Law Enforcement Attachés of the Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga posted to the sensitive areas and providing training to drug producing and transit countries.


BACKGROUND The present organization of the Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga dates back to the beginning of the nineties and is regulated by Article 1 of Law No. 16 of 15 January 1991. It inherited its duties, staff and equipment from the Central Antidrug Service, an office within Central Directorate of Criminal Police which once coordinated the fight against drugs  by Law Enforcement Agencies according to Art 35 of Law No. 121 of 1 April 1981. Before that, on the basis of Article 7 of Law No. 685 of 22 December 1975, such duties had been carried out by the Central Office for the Direction and Coordination of the Law Enforcement Activities to Prevent and Combat the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs. Said Office was set up in 1976 and was composed of officers and officials of the former Directorate General of Public Security and of senior officers of the Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza. After more than 40 years from its creation, DCSA is one of the oldest and most successful multiagency bodies within the Italian Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Director 

Mr. Giuseppe CUCCHIARA, Dirigente Generale of the State Police

He was born in Agrigento on 9 December 1956, he graduated in law at the University of Palermo. Since 1985, when he joined the State Police, he has carried out investigative work and has gained great experience in the fight against mafia organizations from Sicily and Calabria. In the early nineties he was appointed chief of the State Police Investigative Unit in Agrigento. Soon after the  murders of  Judges Falcone and Borsellino together with their security guards, by the mafia in 1992, he moved to the State Police Investigative Unit in Palermo and became head of the Antimafia Section. Later on, he became head of the State Police Investigative Unit in Reggio Calabria. He held this office until 2002 when he became the head of the State Police Investigative Unit in Palermo. In Palermo, he was also Chief of Cabinet at the State Police Provincial Headquarters and deputy head of the State Police Provincial Headquarters. In 2010 he was promoted to the rank of Dirigente Superiore. He was Questore in Vibo Valentia, Brindisi and Messina. He was appointed Dirigente Generale di Pubblica Sicurezza by Decree of the President of the Republic. Since 1 July 2017 he has been Director of the Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga. On 2 June 2018 he was awarded the honorary title of Commendatore of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

DCSA logo

The “trigemina vis cor unum” mott  (three forces  one heart)  underlines the coordinating role played by the DCSA and highlights the unity between thet State Police, the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza in their commitment to fight against drug trafficking.

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