Office for General Planning and Coordination


The main task of the Office for General Planning and Coordination is that of connecting the Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga with the other Institutions, Administrations and  public and private bodies involved in drug demand reduction and the fight against narcotic drugs in general.

By promoting and developing joint activities and actions, this office develops an “integrated” or “shared” form of prevention, aimed at elaborating synergies between the Law Enforcement Agencies, bodies and external offices, strengthening the collaboration in the common fight against drugs.

The Office for General Planning and Coordination also connects DCSA with the other Offices of the Department of the Public Security of the Ministry in order to draw up the Minister’s Annual Directive, implementing the legislation under the Decree Law 27 October 2009, no. 150, with particular reference to the Performance Plan (art.10). This is a three-year policy document aimed at ensuring “high quality and economic standards of the services provided by the Administration”,  based on specific criteria in order “ to meet the interest of recipients”.

The interinstitutional collaboration

This Office has relations with other Government Agencies, public and private bodies, interested in drug issues and involved in demand reduction, in particular with the Department for Antidrug Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. This Department is charged with connecting all initiatives in the drug sector, and implementing the directives on this matter adopted by the European Union (EU Drugs Strategy 2013-2010). In this framework, this Office took part in the interinstitutional meetings for the definition of policy objectives and actions to be included in the National Action Plan on Drugs.

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