The Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga, recognising the vital importance of international cooperation,  maintains and develops its relations with the corresponding foreign law enforcement agencies and the technical bodies of the foreign countries operating in Italy, through its I Service “General and International Affairs”.  In addition, representatives of the “General and International Affairs” Service participate in meetings with the main anti-drug organisations all over the world. The I Service organises visits for foreign delegations; promotes, participates and  contributes to the elaboration of bilateral and multilateral agreements; it proposes, at international level, the adoption of new counter-narcotic measures; it promotes, in cooperation with the academic world, scientific research aimed at developing technologically advanced  methods in the fight against drug trafficking.

Moreover, this Service plans and develops  training activities for Italian and foreign law enforcement personnel; it gives its opinion on bills and draft laws examined by the Italian Parliament in the narcotic drugs field and replies to activities of the parliamentary inspection body  (queries, requests and motions). The I Service also provides legal consultancy on drug issues to national and EU external Bodies.

Furthermore, the I Service supports, upon request,  all local law enforcement services through its staff working at the Technical equipment and telecommunications Section and at the Translators and Interpreters Unit.

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