Technical and Telecommunication Section 

The Technical and Telecommunication Section significantly contributes to the counternarcotic investigative actions carried out by the Law Enforcement services, providing both a concrete technical-logistical support (high-tech equipment, such as GPS and devices for electronic surveillance), and technical-operational support to the undercover officers. This Section also assists the requesting local police services in renting vehicles to be used during special antidrug operations.

This Section’s staff regularly participate in theoretical and practical training and refresher courses in order to ensure a high level of professionalism.

Translators and Interpreters Unit

The Translators-Interpreters Unit, is responsible for translating documents and texts from and into Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian (in particular, the DCSA Annual Report).
The Staff also take part in the meetings at the Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga Headquarters, providing simultaneous and consecutive translation (English and Spanish) and, where necessary, they collaborate with other Offices of the Department of Public Security.

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