In the contest of the International Cooperation, from 27 to 28 January, in the Headquarter of the Central Anti-Drug Directory (DCSA), an important training for law enforcements on RELIEF database took place with the support of IPSG. 13 Officers from DCSA and 1 from NCB Rome attended the training. Two Offficers from IPSG explained the RELIEF database that collect and analyze marks and images on bricks and pills of drugs during the packaging. Modalities to implement and to consult RELIEF database were shown during the training.

The initiative in argument, born from the training project on this new INTERPOL tools and involving different Countries, showed the great utility and the potential of RELIEF, useful in anti-drugs activity conducted by LEs around the world.

The Italian support is very important in the implementation of this database, thanks to the data from the Italian drug seizures and in particular regarding marks. These data could be shared and compared with foreign LEs to obtain a shared heritage of information, very useful for an efficient international cooperation in the fight against drugs trafficking.  









Europol, the Agency with which DCSA effectively cooperates in the antidrug sector advised, through the Member States National Units, that they have been made aware of online frauds (Scam) to citizens of several European countries. Such frauds are illegitimately carried out by sending emails or messages on social media , using the names of Europol ‘s Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director.

Europol drew up the following warning message, already published on its site, asking to widely disseminate it within the member States.:

 “Europol has been made aware of scams using the names of their Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director as well as various international Law Enforcement officials. Emails or messages on social  media, written in different languages, use the Europol logo, the name of Catherine De Bolle and/or Jean-Philippe Lecouffe to make it sound serious and legitimate. Don’t be misled- this correspondence is fake. Neither Europol ‘s Executive  Director nor the Deputy Executive Director would directly contact members of the public requesting an immediate action or threatening individuals with opening a criminal investigation.

If  you  receive  a  suspicious  email  or  correspondence  using  the  name  of  Europol’s  Executive Director or Deputy Executive Director, please report the matter to your local Law Enforcement Authority for further  investigation. ”                                   ·

Last February  a two-day meeting took place, which was organized in cooperation by the Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga and the Department of Antidrug Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

This meeting gathered together the Heads of the Antidrug Agencies of the countries mostly involved in the fight against drug trafficking and production as well as in the main transport routes. It was also attended by Italian and foreign Prosecutors and top level representatives of the leading International organizations.


This event allowed a direct contact among participants and facilitated an open and constructive analysis of the numerous operational difficulties as well as the sharing of good practices, so to achieve  more and more effective results in the field of cooperation, and in the activities of drug prevention and fight. In this framework, the guidelines indicating a common commitment, were  expressed in the Outcome declaration.

The meeting was successfull at national and international levels and   we are now publishing,  in Italian    and English, the conference proceedings drawn up by DC.S.A.


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